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Why Live in Clark County?

Living in Clark County used to be Portland's best kept secret. Homes were less expensive and people living and working in Washington State have no State Income Tax. It seems as though that secret has gotten out as Clark County is one of the fastest growing areas in Oregon or Washington. While that need for new homes to accommodate all the new residents has had an effect on the cost of homes, it is still a great deal in many ways. All the benefits of living just across the Columbia River from Portland, only about a mile away!

Portland is of course a major city with award winning restaurants world class performing arts and all the spectacular beauty of the Pacific Northwest at it's best. Fishing, hunting, swimming, boating, hiking, camping are all part of living here.

With all that Portland has to offer, Vancouver is not far behind and a great deal of new construction is building Vancouver into quite a metropolis in it's own right.

Warmer weather in the summer than Seattle is inviting not only to the people here, but also allows for certain types of gardening that you just can't do in the Seattle area and believe me I know, I lived there.

While there is traffic to contend with, the traffic is nothing in comparison to Seattle and if you don't have drive to Portland, Clark County is the only practical choice. For those commuting to Portland for their jobs, it's worth that inconvenience for tens of thousands of residents.

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