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Concrete Rodeo Skateboard Finals

The Concrete Rodeo Finals were held at Fairgrounds Park in Battle Ground in August of 2007.

Contestants from all over the United States did converge in Battle Ground and showed of some incredible skate boarding. Seemingly defying gravity and with a smoothness that made it seem effortless, these riders were traveling upside down through “The Cradle” and down the “Main Street” of one of the top rated skate courses in the country.
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There was one incident, which occurred during the Jousting Finals where 2 contestants collided during their run. “Good News”, both were OK after a period of time. This is a big reminder of why helmets and other protective padding is a requirement for this event and should always be worn anytime you are skate boarding.

Jousting is where 2 competitors enter the course at the same time to compete for the judges. The preliminary competition has only one contestant at a time in the course whereas the Jousting occurs during the finals only.

This is a very fast paced event with the rounds lasting for only one minute. These guys and gals are really moving as they cover the entire course, flying through the air, right side up and upside down. When the contestants complete a great run, the other skate boarders clap their skateboards on the side of the bowls in a great show of sportsmanship.

To get involved with the Concrete Rodeo contact Jamie Kimball at or 801-541-3317.

Rules, hours of operation and code of conduct at Fairgrounds Park Skate Park.

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