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When Every Second Counts

What Is... 9򈚑

9򈚑 is a three-digit telephone number that you can call 24 hours a day for police, fire or emergency medical services.

When Should I Use... 9򈚑

Call 9򈚑 for police, fire and medical service when a response is needed.

Why... 9򈚑

It saves valuable time in an EMERGENCY. According to nationwide statistics, it can take up to 2 1/2 minutes to find your telephone directory and another 30 seconds to locate the correct number. In an EMERGENCY, 3 minutes is a long time -- time that can be saved by remembering to call 9򈚑!

How It Works ... 9򈚑

When you call 9򈚑, your call is received by a communications specialist who takes your information. Then, the appropriate police, fire and/or emergency medical team located in your area is notified, and service is dispatched.

When Should I Not Use... 9򈚑

Routine business calls or inquiries about law enforcement, fire or medical matters.

Business such as:
billing information for ambulance service you have received.
how to obtain burning permits.
general inquiries or follow-up information regarding police matters which have previously been reported.
road/weather condition reports.

Please contact the appropriate agency during regular business hours, or any 24-hour non-emergency number listed in your local telephone directory.

HOW DO I Use... 9򈚑

Remain calm. Speak clearly.

Provide the communications specialist with the following information:

What is happening?
Where is the location?
Your address, nearest cross street and name.
The phone number from which you are calling.

*Please be willing to remain on the telephone to provide any additional information which may be needed.


9򈚑 is only a telephone number. A quick response depends upon the vital information which you provide about what is happening, its location, and how well your residence and driveway is marked.

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